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Thank you for visiting the Solera at Anthem Community Association website. We're glad you're here! is your home for all things Solera. Navigate the site using the menu buttons above and discover all the great things happening in our 55+ community. Looking for something in particular? Enter text into the search bar at the bottom right of any page. You also may sign up for the Solera eBlast using the link at the bottom left to receive special email announcements.

You'll find contact information for the Solera Board of Directors and our experienced team of FirstService Residential community managers using the "PEOPLE" drop-down menu at the top of the page. 

Avoid violations letters

One of the primary benefits of living in an HOA is that there are guidelines for the maintenance and appearance of the properties within the community.  When properties fall below the standards, violation letters are sent to the residents. Often, the resident is not aware of the requirement, or sometimes, they just haven’t got around to getting the work done.  


Being aware of the standards and performing the necessary maintenance in a timely manner will alleviate the violation from being registered. For a handy brochure highlighting many of the common violations, click on the INFORMATION tab above, and then HELPFUL LINKS tab and the PDF for Helpful Information for Solera.


Here is the violation information for the month of February and should prompt you to get things done before they become a problem. 
We sent 81 first notices and 11 second notices. As such, most of the violations sent were the most visually obvious as well as complaints that were followed up on. 

These were the top violation categories:

Maintenance= 28  (these are often house paint, fence paint,  or leak issues)

Landscaping = 18

Solera Star sneak peek!

The March 2024 issue of Solera Star, the monthly publication of Solera at Anthem Community Association, is complete and soon will be delivered to your mailbox. But, you can get a sneak peek at the magazine right here on! Click the cover image and start reading great stories written by your neighbors.


Newly added events galleries 

A new gallery page has been created for the Happy Hour with Neal Acito & Henderson Silver Knights Game. Check out all the amazing photos we captured.

Click or tap the camera icon below to navigate directly to the Solera at Anthem Events Galleries page. If you would like to share your own photos from any past Solera at Anthem event, please email Dominique Jordan- Qaraja.

Anthem Council raises fees by $35 for 2024

From the Anthem Community Council


Budget: We will be doing a $35 increase per unit/per year for our 2024 budget.



  • The digital asset for our irrigation mapping has been completed from Par3. It is available to all 7 Board members.

  • Phase 5 of our turf renovation is underway and halfway completed all along Sun City Drive and Anthem Parkway. It is scheduled to be completed by the end of November. Please expect lane closures during the renovation.

  • Starting this month, we will no longer have our onsite irrigator to assist with our irrigation leaks, we will be assisted by Par3 to have a tech come out once a leak is reported.

  • Our 10-year plan is underway, and we are working closely with Par3 to create a plan per year. We have started conversations regarding plans for next year. Upcoming information will be posted on our website.

  • We have included newsletters on our website. Please visit our website to subscribe to our newsletters. It is completely optional and free of charge.


All residents are welcome to visit our revamped association website:


Here residents can submit any complaints or concerns, and it will go directly to the management team. You can find association documents like our budgets, financials, minutes, and meeting agendas. In addition, there are direct links to your association’s websites and how to contact the Anthem Community Council management team and upcoming meeting dates.


To see your ACC Board in action, you’re invited to attend our next meeting, February 14 , from 3 to 5 p.m. in the Solera at Anthem - Stardust Ballroom.

Spring landscape watering restrictions

To learn more about how often and how long to water, and for other important landscape watering tips, visit the SNWA website. 


SNWA offers largest cash-for-grass incentive yet


Spring into action this season by trading your grass for cash with the Southern Nevada Water Authority’s (SNWA) biggest incentive ever. The SNWA has temporarily increased the Water Smart Landscape Rebate (WSLR) for homeowners from $3 to $5 per square foot of grass upgraded to water-efficient landscaping for the rest of 2024.


Qualifying homeowners will receive $5 for each square foot of grass they convert (up to the first 10,000 square feet) to drip-irrigated, desert-adapted plants and trees, and $3.50 for each additional square foot. Conversions must be completed by the end of 2024 to receive the increased incentive.

Businesses, municipalities, community associations, and multi-family properties remain eligible for the current $3 per square foot incentive, which will decrease to $2 per square foot for nonfunctional, decorative grass beginning in 2025.


Outdoor landscaping is the biggest user of Southern Nevada’s limited water supply. By converting to a Water Smart landscape, you’ll use 55 gallons of water less per square foot than thirsty-grass landscapes.


While it can seem daunting to consider removing your home’s grass, embracing a lawn-free landscape not only conserves water but also reduces maintenance efforts, allowing for a more sustainable and vibrant outdoor space. Here are some common myths associated with water-smart landscapes:


  • “Water Smart Landscaping will make my house hotter.”

    • Shade is the key to keeping you cool in the desert. Grass feels cool because so much water is evaporating from it. There are dozens of water-efficient trees and plants that can be used to shade south and west exposure from our relentless desert sun, while using less water; consult the Plant Search Tool on to find what works best for you. Also, as part of the WSL rebate, the Tree Enhancement Program offers $100 bonuses to new participants for each qualifying tree planted during landscape conversions. It's a shady deal you will want to take advantage of, providing much-needed shade against the urban heat island effect.

  • “It takes too long for water-efficient plants to mature and achieve SNWA’s required 50% canopy.”

  • You can save money on labor and plant material costs by planting smaller sized plants. It doesn’t matter if you install a 1-gallon or a 5-gallon plant; the SNWA will give you the same maturity credit. And most plants—when watered properly—fill in or grow quickly.

  •  “All desert plants and rocks are ugly.”

    • Water-smart landscaping is so much more than rocks and cacti. With over 500 plant options that are resilient enough to tolerate our harsh environment and soil conditions, coupled with thoughtful design and selection, achieving a beautiful landscape while conserving water is possible.


As we enter spring, it’s also time to change your watering clock. Seasonal watering restrictions in effect March 1 through April 30, and limits landscape watering to up to three assigned days per week (Sunday watering is prohibited all year). You can increase your savings without harming your landscape by slowly “ramping up” irrigation schedules, adding the second and third watering days only as temperatures warm up and weather patterns permit. If you have plants and trees on drip systems, they require significantly less water, typically needing to be watered every 1-2 days in spring.


Spring is a great time to upgrade your grass to a beautiful water-efficient landscape! To apply for the WSL program, and for program conditions and criteria visit


Leak Detection Critical for Saving Water


In recent years, the Las Vegas Valley Water District (LVVWD) has enhanced its efforts to ensure the efficient and uninterrupted flow of water through the community’s complex underground grid of pipes and valves. While the nature of this work may appear complicated, the LVVWD deploys various high-tech tools to detect and repair leaks in a timely manner to avoid major shutdowns and loss of service.

One of these tools is an acoustic monitoring system, which “listens” to water as it flows through pipes and alerts technicians in the event of a leak. Typically, water flowing through pipes generates a low-frequency sound; however, the system can detect a high-frequency sound wave if water is leaking from a pipe. LVVWD technicians can then trace the leak’s location and work quickly to repair it.

  • For residents, detecting leaks on their property is also crucial to conservation efforts and to reduce water-waste in the community. To help residents detect, locate, and repair leaks, the Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA) offers a rebate for smart leak detectors of 50 percent off the purchase price or $200, whichever is less. To receive the smart leak detector rebate coupon, applicants must participate in a 60-month research study related to consumer leak detection devices.

  • The program allows for one coupon per address.

  • Coupons are redeemable only for the purchase of a qualifying product.

  • The date of purchase from the customer receipt must be within 30 days of the coupon’s printed date.

The smart leak detector rebate program is important to the community as the leak detectors can help provide alerts to residents of potential water waste. This can help prevent you from incurring an excessive usage charge as the thresholds for seasonal water use were reduced earlier this year. For more information, visit

Board of Directors

Joe Lightowler - President

Ken Sawyer- Vice President

Mike Goff - Treasurer

David DeOto- Secretary

Frank Nobel- Director

Ray Carvajal - Director

Susan Zinna- Director 

Board Meetings

The next Board of Directors meeting will be held

Wednesday, March 13 at 9:30 a.m. in the

Stardust ballroom of the Community Center.

This meeting will also be live streamed; virtual meeting information will be emailed out via the First Service Residential eBlast and posted at the Community Center. 

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