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Solera Ladies Club Information and News

What's It All About?

The Solera Ladies Club provides a way for both new and returning residents to connect with others developing friendships and a sense of community, though various activities. 

Some of our activities in 2022 were an afternoon at the Bellagio gardens, picnic in the park, a tea tasting, Taco Fiesta, and a gourmet dinner.  Every year we look forward to our holiday party in December. There are three business meetings and all members are encouraged to attend to ensure an open line of communication between members and the Solera Ladies Club board members. 

Upcoming Events

Next Event: February 18, 2022, Dinner at the Clubhouse

Membership Information

$10 per resident per calendar year, payable in January.

We welcome all women who are Solera residents to join us for our membership drive meeting in January.

Sue Boylan 
Solera Ladies Club President

(702) 373-6055


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