2021 Meeting Schedule

Meetings are held in the Stardust Room*

Times and dates subject to change

*Due to COVID-19, Board of Directors meetings are being held virtually. Call-in information is emailed in advance and posted at the Clubhouse.


January 6         9:30AM        BOD Executive Session        

January 13       6:30PM        Board of Directors Meeting   

February 3        9:30AM        BOD Executive Session        

February 10      9:30AM        Board of Directors Meeting   

February 17      4:00PM        Annual Owners Meeting   

March 3             9:30AM        BOD Executive Session

March 10           6:30PM        Board of Directors Meeting   

April 7                9:30AM        BOD Executive Session        

April 14              9:30AM        Board of Directors Meeting   

May 5                 9:30AM        BOD Executive Session        

May 12               6:30PM        Board of Directors Meeting   

June 2                9:30AM        BOD Executive Session        

June 9                9:30AM        Board of Directors Meeting   


July 7                  9:30AM        BOD Executive Session        

July 14                6:30PM        Board of Directors Meeting   

August 4             9:30AM        BOD Executive Session        

August 11           9:30AM        Board of Directors Meeting   

September 1      9:30AM         BOD Executive Session        

September 8      6:30PM         Board of Directors Meeting   

October 6          9:30AM         BOD Executive Session        

October 13        9:30AM         Board of Directors Meeting   


November 3       9:30AM         BOD Executive Session        

November 10     6:30PM         Board of Directors Meeting

November 15     9:30AM         Budget Ratification Meeting  

December 1       9:30AM         BOD Executive Session        

December 8       9:30AM         Board of Directors Meeting



Executive Session Meetings of the Board of Directors (BOD) are controlled by the Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) 116.31085. The BOD can only discuss the following: legal matters, board/staff personnel issues, and homeowner violations and/or delinquencies. BOD members and Management may not disclose any business discussed in the Executive Session by the statute cited above, and the minutes of the Executive Session are not available to Solera homeowners.