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Personal Training Services
Jan Griscom (775) 291-9379
Wesley Allen (702) 289-5417

Meet Jan Griscom
Fitness center orientations will be held on the second Saturday of every month at 10:00 a.m. Please sign up at the Clubhouse - only allowing 10 spots per orientation. 

My journey in the fitness industry 

My journey in the fitness industry has spanned more than five decades. It has been a journey I could never have predicted. I have been lucky enough to have worked with more than a thousand people over the years. Each of them has taught me something valuable about fitness. Those lessons are things I bring to each new person and have given me a huge lens on how to approach fitness with people who have had different experiences, goals, needs, and desires.


My approach to each person’s goals is tailored to their needs and wants blended together with the best possible approach for that person. I have worked extensively with senior populations and am a senior myself. I can say with confidence, that it is possible to improve your quality of life with regular exercise. Even if you are new to fitness, you can achieve marked improvement and have fun in the process. I look forward to bringing my services to the Solera Community.

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