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Solera American Mah Jongg Information

about solera AMERICAN mah jongg

         Mah Jongg, in general, is an ancient Chinese rummy-type game using colorful tiles instead of cards. The word mah jongg means “sparrow “and the initial shuffling of the tiles (face down) is called “twittering of the sparrows. After building the wall (representing the Great Wall of China), the Chinese press the four sides to meet at the corners so the dragons or evil spirits can’t get in. There are three suits, characters (cracks), bamboos (boos or bams) and circles (dots or spots). There are also special tiles (flowers, winds, dragons) that are used differently according to which version of the game you are using. The most common versions are Asian, British and American, however, there are other variations. There are many benefits to playing Mah Jongg and many of the other games played at Solera. Besides getting out of the house and socializing with like-minded, fun-loving people, you’ll be doing your mind a favor. You’ve heard the expression “use it or lose it”.

      In American Mah Jongg, you attempt to make your hand by selecting a pattern from the pre-determined options on the National Mah Jongg Association card that is published annually.

      Our Solera club has 15 – 20 members however, since there are no dues and no mandatory attendance requirements, the number of players each week varies. Many of the members have been playing for decades, others are much more recent additions. The “buy-in” is $8 but, depending on your luck, you could come out ahead or with a minimal deduction from the $8 PIE. What is “PIE? It means “purse is empty”. If you lose all $8, you play the rest of the day for free!


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