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Solera Aquasize Club Information and News

About Aquasize 

The Solera Aquasize Club celebrates its fourteenth year in existence. In 2009 a group of motivated people who were looking for an effective way to exercise in a non-threatening, supportive environment organized the Aqua Club. Since its inception, swimmers and non-swimmers alike have become part of a growing phenomenon in our active adult community - a place where one can share both the health and social benefits of belonging.


Aqua Club members have had lots to say about their involvement over the years:

• Water aerobics is definitely a non-trauma experience. You don’t hurt when you finish, but your body definitely benefits.

• Members are warm, supportive, and friendly.

• Good exercises and great fun - an excellent aerobic workout and a terrific lively group.

• Swimming has been invaluable in strengthening my legs and expanding my range of motion.

• Even though we’ve come from different walks of life, we all have the same goals now - to enjoy ourselves and be healthy.

• Exercising has made me feel better and I have more energy and stamina. I would never do it on my own.

• Fun, friendship and so much more with these wonderful women.

• My arthritis loves the warm pool. My doctor is a huge proponent of water exercises.

• I decided to join because I thought it sounded like fun and might be beneficial to this over-used frame. I find the routines easy to do with the water erasing a lot of the stress to the limbs. And I love the friendly participants and leaders.

• There is friendship and a sense of community - We are all there for the same purpose - to keep moving and stay healthy. And we have fun doing it, we laugh, and we enjoy.

Membership Information

Aquasize classes have been great for many reasons, for many participants, and for many years. If you would like to be part of the experience, contact Diane at The Aquasize Club meets on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday at 10:00 a.m. The cost is $3 per class.


Diane Fimiano 
Solera Aquasize Club President


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