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The Patrol is not an official function of the HOA or its board. It’s a volunteer group that started a few years ago after a series of burglaries in the Solera neighborhood. Patrol leader Ken Sawyer, who also is a member of the HOA Solera Board of Directors, noted there were around 20 people who volunteer to cruise our neighborhood at least once a month.

Members of the Solera patrol have spotted suspicious vehicles — often with no or a paper license plate on the rear of a vehicle with heavily tinted windows. However, after seeing the patrol car with its magnetic door signs, the vehicle is immediately driven from the neighborhood. They are instructed to get a license number if they can do so without confrontation, and to call either 911 (emergency) or 311 (suspicious activity phone number) to report what was happening.


Solera patrol members are asked to do at least one patrol each month, driving every street in the neighborhood, including the Villas. It takes about 1 1/2 hours to complete a full patrol and afterward to file your report.

If interested in volunteering, please contact Ken Sawyer. 

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Ken Sawyer

Solera Patrol Leader


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