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Open Garage Door Response from Solera Management

Management has been made aware of the issue of sending violation letters for open garage doors and would like to explain our process and the policy on this.


First, the CC&R’s require that all garage doors be closed, except “for entering and exiting the garage and for a reasonable length of time during daylight hours while performing regular home maintenance activities (e.g. lawn care and gardening, car washing, etc.).” That can be found in the CC&R’s section 3.6, paragraph d. Management has been charged with enforcing the CC&R’s, which includes this rule.


Before sending a violation letter, we make two passes by the property. If we see anyone during either pass, we do not send a violation letter. If we see anyone working in the garage, in the front yard, washing their car, hauling in groceries or anything else, we do not send a letter. It is only if we go by the property on both passes and no one is seen, that we send a letter.


It is our policy that we do not go onto private property, unless specifically invited and for a specific purpose. So, we will not come onto your property to knock on your door, to lower your garage door for you, or even to check on you. It’s not that we don’t care for your safety, because we do. But there are many people that do not want management or anyone else trespassing onto their property and we respect their wishes. And going onto someone’s property without an invitation is trespassing.


The other thing is that receiving a letter about your garage door being open is simple to correct. You can return the response form and just say that it’s been resolved, or just call management and let us know and we will close the violation. We won’t question you about why your garage door was open or give you any grief whatsoever, we simply say “thank you” and we close the violation. No fuss, no muss.


We hope this explanation has been helpful and as always, we are happy to answer questions or assist in any way we can. You can reach the Community Manager, Michael Cornwell, at 702-207-1414 or the Assistant Manager, Tom Larranaga, at 702-207-1402.


Thank you.